Why Living in a Society Born of the Left Hemisphere Creates Problems

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

"We live in a society born of the left hemisphere” Dr Les Fehmi ⁠

In his book, The Open Focus Brain Dr Les Fehmi describes what he and many researchers believe are causing most of our problems in both our society and inner worlds today.⁠

The problem isn’t “out there” It’s what’s going on in our minds, and specifically the imbalance of the hemispheres.⁠ So how could being a left-hemisphere dominant society, create issues? ⁠

Well for starters, the fact that there is an imbalance is the first problem.⁠ When anything in our lives is imbalanced, it creates stress and problems. ⁠

When we are imbalanced in our sleep, or imbalanced in our priorities, our lives feel off. ⁠Sometimes it’s not something we can even articulate, we just “feel” off. ⁠We wouldn’t be able to feel off if we didn't know what feeling "right" is.⁠

⁠The only way imbalance exists, is to know what balance is. ⁠

We don’t like things to be unbalanced, yet the very thing that creates a lot of this imbalance (the mind) is in fact imbalanced. ⁠

(Maybe worth re-reading that line again) ⁠

It is sad to see the polarity, the anger, the fear, and anxiety that is so prevalent in our society. ⁠

Then we have another layer to this, as we then judge, analyze, and pick a side of who is right and who is wrong. ⁠

Left hemisphere thinking leads to analyzing.

Analyzing leads to judging.

Judging leads to separation. ⁠

The major problem is that we aren’t even AWARE that we are spending the majority of our time in our left hemisphere. Most of us aren’t even aware that there are two hemispheres, two different ways the mind perceives and processes. ⁠

So not only are we all spending an imbalanced amount of time in the left hemisphere we don’t even KNOW we’re doing it. ⁠

I had to be honest with myself when I first read this book because I had “sensed” I was imbalanced for a while. ⁠I was feeling mentally taxed. My body was shot, not in the good kind of exhaustion that comes from a strenuous workout, but shot from nerves. ⁠

If you are feeling like your body is shot from nerves, then you have an imbalance problem. ⁠

This shows up in our society and will only continue to do so until we realize that the only way to move forward to SEE differently.

We need a new consciousness, and we believe this consciousness lies in the right hemisphere, where creativity is, intuition is, and much much more.

We will dive deeper and deeper into this phenomenon and this incredible book by Les Fehmi.

His work in Princeton NJ has nearly cured patients' Anxiety and ADHD.

The key point for you personally is to realize that separation, anxiety, and stress are all results of an imbalance of your two hemispheres.

It is impossible to treat someone differently if you actually see them as one with you.

Equality, love, oneness, and connection are not an idea, they are an actual experience.

You can not think your way to oneness, to connection and equality, you can only experience them.

The analytical mind can not and will not ever understand this. But the right hemisphere is specifically designed to help you see a larger picture, of wholeness, oneness, and connection with all.

Don’t lose faith in the world, in people, or in yourself, lose faith in your analytical mind and realize it’s both possible and productive to spend time exercising and experiencing your right hemisphere.

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