What If? 1 question with 2 different destinations

What if is an extremely powerful question that can take you on two different journeys. 

It is a question we are always asking in our internal world, and are mostly unconscious of how we ask the question,  but how we ask it creates a massive difference in our state of being.  

Imagine standing at a train station in your internal world,  with two separate tracks one train on each track.

Both have a destination of what if, but the journey will be completely different. 

The first train and track is your left hemisphere.  This is your analytical mind.

This train asks the question, WHAT IF, and moves along a journey, but the journey is filled with worry, anxiety, and fear. 

It looks out from the windows of the train at all that could go wrong.  

This journey will be full of ghosts, smoke and mirrors, and above else every possible wrong scenario.  

This train ride gets worse as it goes along in that the momentum of fear and anxiety build as the journey goes on. 

This train ride is all about reaction.  

It’s seeing everything outside the window as a threat and you are a helpless victim hoping to just survive.  

The symptoms of being on this journey are a tight body, a constricted mind, exhaustion, and an overwhelming sense of helplessness. 

This is the journey you will choose if you aren’t consciously making the decision of which train to board. 

The second train however is your right hemisphere, where your true imagination and intuition lie. 

This is your creative mind.  

This journey asks the question, WHAT IF, but it OPENS up possibilities. This journey is about creating and imagining different possibilities. 

This journey is thrilling, filled with wonder, awe, and above all trust.  

This journey is about creation, not reaction. You are the one creating the visions outside of the window of the train and it feels empowering. It also feels a lot like being a child again.  That free wild abandon that is lived from your heart. 

This journey also builds in momentum but it builds in more excitement, more wonder and more trust that everything will be okay.

The only thing you need to do is to understand that you are constantly asking this question in your inner world. 

You will never be perfect in this, and you will most often pick the wrong train because we live in a culture that is obsessed with the left hemisphere and of course right now, obsessed with fear. 

But the key point in this is to realize that you have the power, the conscious decision to get off the train. 

If you are noticing yourself experiencing symptoms of picking the wrong train which would be anxiety, fear, a tight body, a constricted mind, and a feeling of helplessness, don’t beat yourself up. 

Just get off the train. 

And you may have to get off this damn train like 100 times per day, but every single time you get off the train, you gain more power and it will build. 

It will build until eventually, you start to notice when you’re on the platform and you chose the train that takes you to empowerment. 

Now is the perfect time to start focusing on this inner world.  I don’t think you will ever be triggered and given more doses of fear and dread than you are experiencing right now.  

Building up a resolve right now, and starting to get some wins is going to shape the rest of your life in ways you cannot imagine. 

If you are wanting help and needing some training on picking this other train of thinking, the one of imagination and creativity, that’s why we created our Breakthrough Journal. 

Each week you can start practicing getting more and more into the power of this internal world and it absolutely will pay dividends in your life. 

Now is the best time to practice.  Ask yourself this question and see the power of what if? 

What if I fight back against this overwhelming fear and anxiety and dread?

What if I take this time, this absolutely insane time of being alive and by focusing on my inner world, I get better at being in charge of it. 

What if by this time next year, I don’t just survive this, I am a Jedi master at my inner world? 
What if this whole situation in my life is meant to be here for me to become who I really am and start to live free? 

What if I can tell my loved ones as I’m older, when they asked me how I survived the Coranovrius pandemic, I shock them when I say,

“I didn’t survive the pandemic, I changed my life in the pandemic”

The pandemic was the catalyst, to the greatest change and all of my success is attributed to it. 

I learned the power of conscious choice, and the foundation I built in that place is the very reason I am filled with peace, love, and light today. 

What if is a powerful question.  Make sure you’re the one asking it in power and not a slave to the other side of reaction and fear. 

You can do this.  We are here to help. 

Peace & Love

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