The Looking Glass & The Mirror: The First & Second Half of Life

The first half of life we look through a looking glass
The second half of life we look in the mirror

There’s a term used that I’m growing fond of called the second half of life.

It was first popularized by Carl Jung in his writing and I personally found it in a wonderful book titled, “Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life”,

by Jungian Psychotherapist James Hollis.

It is a spiritual, not chronological time and space we hit in our lives.

It is a place in which we shift directions of where we look for meaning.

Our first half of our life is dedicated to outer looking for meaning.

We’re looking outward for approval, validation, and guidance.

The second half of life is turning this seeing upside down.

What do you think? Is a first half of life question.

What do I think? Is a second half of life question.

It doesn’t matter when you arrive at this second half of life, only that you recognize that the first half of life’s way of seeing and finding meaning simply is not working.

So often we just do. We just go, we just keep on keeping on but very rarely ask one simple question.

“Is this working for me?”

Many of us treat this as a threatening question because the first half of our life is lived in and for our Ego.

And if there is one major goal of the Ego, it is to be RIGHT.

So if you’re starting to question yourself, you’re moving up against a very very powerful force that has been focused on being right for most of your life.

Some people enter into the second half of life kicking and screaming. James Hollis speaks about most of his patients being men in their middle 30’s, only arriving at therapy because their wives have a proverbial “gun to their head”

Some people enter into their second of life early and willing because they are tired of the ego’s games and want true meaning.

They’re tired of asking authority figures, tired of constantly second-guessing themselves based on other people's reactions to them, and so they fly into the second half of life with their hearts open.

The first half-life is about living for others and what they expect of you. The second half of life is living for yourself and what your Soul expects of you.

That’s why the #1 regret of the dying is this chilling sentiment “I wish I had the courage to live the life I wanted, versus the one others expected of me”

So the question is, where do you find yourself today? Is it time to consider a transition into the second half of life?

Is it time to consider that this inkling deep within your soul, that wakes you up and sends disturbing truths to you in the deepest parts of your consciousness with statements such as “I’m not happy”. “I don’t want this life I’ve built”

The questions though terrifying to the ego, are the keys to the kingdom of your Spirit.

All great teachers teach this. All great writers and thought leaders EXPERIENCED it and if you can only trust me just a small amount, let me speak my truth to you.

If you are looking for lasting joy, deep inner truth, and an open heart, then you’re ready for the second of life because it is only found there.

The more I leave my old ways behind, and though they fight like hell with me early and often each day, the more I experience a deeper knowing that is past my analytical mind. That is past my ego.

And on the other side of always having to be right, always having to check in with other people on who you are and how you are doing?

Freedom to be Your Self.

The journey can be what most journeys are, challenging and dark at times. But it is not a dark night of the Soul, it is a dark night of Ego.

The Soul, Your Soul is what is calling you home to more meaning.

It would be wise to open yourself up to it. At the very least, it will keep you from the #1 regret of the dying, at the very most, it can give you all the meaning you’ve been trying to find this whole time.

Peace & Love on your journey, no matter where you find yourself

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