You make roughly 35,000 conscious decisions each and every day.

You think roughly 50,000 thoughts each and every.

These numbers really add up when you think about it. It’s said that over 80% of our thoughts are negative, and almost 95% are repetitive from the day before.

That means on the other side of those numbers that only 5% of your thoughts are new each day, and only 20% are positive.

That is some complicated shit to weed through.

If you’ve ever experimented with mindfulness, which I would define as thought watching, or trying to “control” your thoughts then you’ve probably felt defeated pretty quickly.

I don’t like mindfulness or thought watching for the very reason that you’re still too much in your thinking mind.

You’re watching your thoughts, but what you are unaware of is that you’re now thinking ABOUT your thoughts.

So if a negative thought comes up, then you judge it as negative.

It’s like seeing all of these weeds in your mind and instead of seeing the whole field of weeds you go down to their level and start to look at each and every one of them.

As we talk about so often, your thinking mind is your analytical mind. The analytical mind is fairly simple in that it analyzes which means it judges.

You can not make an analysis without first judging something.

So thought watching is essentially you sitting in your left hemisphere consciousness watching your left hemisphere thoughts.

It doesn’t work, so don’t waste time on it.

So what does work? Well in my experience it’s simplicity.

Getting very very simple with what you’re one thing is.

I place the north star in my consciousness early in the morning, setting it high above all of the other things that my mind is trying to push me or pull to me to, and just set it.

The past few days my simplicity has been pleasure.

Instead of watching all of my thoughts, or trying to analyze which ones are good or bad and worried about what I’m manifesting because of it, I just look to my North Star.

The reason this works, I believe is because pleasure is an experience, not a thought. Experiences are based more in our right hemisphere so by giving myself something to aim at, I’m actually shifting my consciousness from a dominant analytical mind to a simple clear intuitive mind.

Pleasure is a question of the heart, not the head. If my North Star is pleasure, I simply set it and check in with my heart versus my head.

You can quickly tell what’s going on in your head without having to actually watch it if you just check in with your heart.

The thinking mind, as mentioned above is a quick-moving, never-ending questioning machine.
Simply put, it is confused and it will confuse you if you associate too much with it.

That's why it's important to simplify.

Simplifying your inner work is a gift in that it allows you to stay focused on your North Star, but also allows you to just be here and now with my feet on the ground.

If you are interested in exploring this inner work, check out our Breakthrough Journal designed specifically for this simplicity and focus.

Peace & Love


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