Procrastination is a Guide

In our Western, overly-analytical mindset if there is one thing that has been talked about as the greatest sin of all, it would be procrastination.  In a society based on performance, getting ahead, and making it happen procrastination is the disease of all diseases.  

It’s an ugly, ugly word.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of articles on how to beat procrastination, how it robs you of your joy and the life you want to live.  All of these articles are aimed at separating you from the actual experience of procrastination and feeling guilty for it being in your life.  Writers and marketers use guilt because it works, at least to get clicks.  But does it actually work in actually dealing with your own personal procrastination?  The answer is no and the reason is that....

you will never get anywhere if guilt is the motivating factor. 

Guilt comes from judgment and judgment from the analytical mind.  As soon as you judge your procrastination it is immediately separate from you.  But a question to ask is how can it be separate from you if it’s coming from within you?  The obvious answer is that it cannot.  We separate from procrastination because we judge it as a bad thing, or a painful thing or a thing we must eradicate.  

The shift that needs to occur, and you can start to work on almost immediately is to see procrastination as a guide. If procrastination is a guide then when it comes up, instead of judging it as bad, getting online, or getting a book on how to beat it and separate from it, you ask it questions.  You aren’t the guide, the procrastination is.  It’s the teacher, you’re the student.  This is a massive shift in consciousness and one of your analytical mind will fight tooth and nail, but you have to ask your deepest Self is my current way of dealing with it working? 

So how do I do this? 

When it comes up, don’t judge it.  Don’t jump online, grab the book, the mantra, or whatever else is in that mental apothecary and just allow it to be.  You don’t turn away a guide when they come, you enjoy them, you prepare for them, you respect them. 

Now when it comes up ask it what it’s guiding you towards?  It’s not here to make you feel guilty, to make you ruin your life, or to keep you from your wildest dreams.  It is here to teach you something. 

You will be amazed at the massive amount of learning procrastination provides and then you will quickly realize how many incredible insights you have inside of you at all times. 

If you would like our free inner work worksheet for this exercise, you can download it for free HERE .

This worksheet should be used at any time you are experiencing procrastination. This is a great practice to shift from understanding conceptually to knowing and experiencing.

Peace & Love

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