Life Is Curriculum

Life is Curriculum

Ram Dass, a popular spiritual teacher, once famously said:

"You took birth here because you have certain work to do that involves the suffering you do, the kinds of situations you find yourself in. This is your curriculum. It's not an error". Ram Dass

Life is _____________. 

Often how we fill in that blank provides a paradigm that we're not aware we're creating around our own life.

Life is HARD.  Life is A GAME. Life is a MYSTERY.

Whatever we fill in this blank, creates a storyline that we're unaware we are narrating and writing at the same time.

Life is curriculum, has a different tone. 

Much like you, I can feel the invisible weight that is blanketed both over myself and others right now.

I pass by someone in the grocery store and our eyes meet, but we're silently acknowledging this invisible cloak of heaviness we both wear.

As a writer I often find myself asking the question, especially as things feel so heavy, "Is now the time?"  Do people need motivation, inspiration?  Or do we need a proverbial bear nap for 6 months until this all goes away?

Do we need hibernation or inspiration?

After reading and thinking about Ram Dass's quote, what I'm left with is a basic simple function.

Seek guidance in this curriculum, share my experience in what I'm learning.

The best writers and the best speakers, in my opinion, are the best learners, the best noticers, and the best students in the curriculum of life. 

So my simple offering is to encourage you to adapt to a different way of seeing life right now.

If life is curriculum, what is this teaching you about yourself?

The goal I have is to point at something that you can discover for yourself.  I will never provide a map for you, only North Stars and compasses to find them because that's how I've learned best in the past.

It is my humble opinion that right now you are going through the greatest lesson of your lifetime.

Something is stirring in you from this lesson and I only want to encourage you to listen, learn, notice, observe, and lean in.

Most of the time our Spirit teaches us quietly, with a faint whisper.

Not because our Spirit is quiet, but because our analytical/egoic mind is very loud.

I have no idea what curriculum and lesson you may be getting, I only know you are getting one, and it will change your life if you step back and listen.

Become a listener, noticer, investigator, and above all else a student. 

Your Spirit within you will guide, and where it guides is always home to truth, joy, and freedom.

Life is curriculum. 

Let go and enjoy the lesson because it will bring you more than you can imagine if you'll let go and learn.

Peace & Love

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