Inner Calm

Calm is not a journey embark on, but a home to return to

“There are two ways of getting home; and one of them is to stay there. The other is to walk round the whole world till we come back to the same place ...”

GK Chesterton

There are two ways of finding the inner calm you are wanting. The first way is that you assume that you do not have it, and then must set out on your own journey to find it and bring it to you.

The second way is to know that the inner calm is already within you, and you have to remove what is in the way.

I spent years searching, journeying. I would wake in the morning and feel a nagging sense of anxiety, one that I was all too familiar with and frankly fuckin’ tired of.

In those days I would quickly start my exterior search to find something that brought me calm. All I needed was the right book, the right podcast, the right something. The right mantra, affirmation or “trick”

It was like searching an apothecary of all of my little potions that I would use in order to find the right one for the right time.

When your paradigm of seeing was like mine, then you will constantly be on a journey.

You will constantly be looking and building your own apothecary of potions that worked in the past.

It wasn’t until I visited my first healer, my first true healer that my world and my paradigm were turned upside down.

She introduced to a different way of seeing. A way of seeing that what I seek is already within me. I just needed to return to it.

Returning to something, and going out and finding something are two totally different perspectives.

One involves accumulating or doing, the other involves releasing and returning.

Save yourself the years of energy, the frustration and guilt you will have by constantly not “getting” it and consider you’re not the problem, your approach is.

What is keeping you from your natural inner calm, is your thinking/analytical mind.

It is obsessed with solving problems, judging, criticizing, keeping you in a state of doubt.

By releasing yourself from this part of yourself, you allow the other side of you to show up, which never really went anywhere in the first place.

That’s why we released our Breakthrough journal because it is a tool of returning each and every day, first thing every day.

Instead of spending your day trying to find the next potion to put into your apothecary of “solutions” you just know.

If you are struggling today and none of the potions are working, consider you’re working inside out, when you should be working outside in

Consider calm is already within you and you just need to release and return.

I still get caught trying to find it and then after going to the end of myself once again, realize instead of walking around the whole world to find it, I could have just stayed home and let go.

You are not who you “think” you are, you are so much more.

Peace & love


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