How to Overcome Overthinking

Part 1: Unlock from the Left Hemisphere

As we talk about often, the vast majority of people in our society are left-brain dominant.

This simply means, that out of the two hemispheres we have as human beings, two completely processing centers of information and perception, we spend a MAJORITY of the time on one side, our left hemisphere.

There is of course nothing inherently wrong with our left hemisphere, which is our analytical, judging mind. It’s the hemisphere that’s main responsibility is detecting threats and keeping us safe.

The problem is that we’re all imbalanced, which means we spend too much time detecting threats, analyzing multiple outcomes, and often missing the present moment.

Our right hemisphere is all about the present moment. It’s about spaciousness and seeing the big picture. It sees the perfectly safe here and now, and isn’t concerned with threats in the future, or regrets from the past.

So if you’re like the vast majority of humans (myself included) who are in our society, you’re most likely left brain, left hemisphere dominant.

This point is so key in understanding overthinking because it allows you to realize that instead of it being a personal problem or a slight on our performance or your ability to “get things done” it simply means you’re imbalanced.

Balance is key, and we seek balance everywhere else in our lives.

We are told to keep a balanced diet, we’re supposed to find work/life balance.

But no one tells us to keep our minds balanced.

Yet the mind, I think we can agree, is responsible for so much of our life’s experience.

In order to release yourself from overthinking, just realize that overthinking is simply an effect of you being imbalanced.

That’s it. It is literally that simple.

It is not about you being an awful person, or about you being scared to commit, or about you being weak or needing someone to give you a kick in the ass.

You are simply way too much in your left hemisphere, and you’re locked in it.

That’s why I call it being LOCKED IN THE LEFT because when you spend TOO much time in your left hemisphere, you can get LOCKED in there.

That’s the reason you start out thinking about one scenario, and before you know it, you’ve found 150 scenarios that could go wrong in the future or 200 scenarios that happened in the past that didn’t work out.

Imagine that every single morning, you tie our right arm behind your back, and you go about your full day with one arm.

Making phone calls, typing on the computer, making dinner etc.

Is it your fault that your left arm gets more and more exhausted as the day goes on? Is that a sign of weakness?

Of course not.

Our current self-help environment is polluted with messages of guilt and accusation, telling you the reason you are overthinking is that you’re too scared to commit, etc.

The truth of the matter is overthinking is much more science than subconscious.

The subconscious is EXTREMELY powerful and important and where all of the action truly is, but when it comes to overthinking, we can oddly enough, overthink it.

If you want to release from overthinking today, instead of beating yourself up for doing it, realize that you’re simply imbalanced, and you need to do something that integrates your right hemisphere.

Try going for a walk. Try sitting down and listening to some music. Try sitting down to draw something, anything around you.

Whatever it is, just try something ELSE. When you are overthinking you are simply OUT of the present moment.

That’s it.

You’re simply OUT of the present moment and you need something to bring you back to the present moment.

I know this sounds OVER simplified but the truth is, if you are overthinking, you simply need to shift gears.

I was once talking with some business owners, and one of the owners was struggling with a decision he needed to make in his business. I asked him how long he’d been dealing with this decision, and he said 5 months. 5 MONTHS.

He had models upon models upon models of why it would work, and why it wouldn’t work.

After all the other owners gave him advice on what he should “think” about, I told him, “Go for a walk”

I don’t know if he did, but I can assure you if he had shifted gears and spent some time balancing his mind, he would have realized that the imbalance was creating the problem, not the actual decisions.

The problem is never the problem, it’s our imbalance that’s the problem. Don’t fight the wrong battle. When you find yourself overthinking again. Remember your locked in your left, and go for a walk.

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Peace & Love

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