Creativity: A Chiropractor for the Mind, Body & Spirit

Updated: Jun 23, 2020


A few years ago, I was experiencing a lot of nerve issues in my body. It scared the hell out of me because one moment I would feel okay, and then the next moment my arm would be tingling and then my skin would start to feel like it was on fire. This would come and go all throughout my day and seemed to be compounding and getting worse the more I noticed it.

After searching google and diagnosing myself with 4 different terminal diseases and causes, I decided maybe I should get a second opinion.

I decided to see a chiropractor and was amazed at how the entire body is tied to the nervous system, which is tied to the spine.

When I first saw the scan of my spine, I was amazed at how crooked and awkward it looked. My spine was completely out of ALIGNMENT.

Apparently, if your spine is not aligned it creates a lot of health issues. I started to get adjustments and started to feel better.

What was interesting about this entire experience, and the plan the doctor laid out, was that the goal was to come BACK into alignment.

Apparently, as we get older our spines and bodies get out of alignment due to the nature of our lives. From sitting at a desk, checking our phones, bending over to care for kids, etc.

Instead of trying to treat the individual symptoms, I was experiencing with my nerve pain and numbness, the goal was simply to return home back to alignment.

This misalignment was the SOURCE of all of my symptoms.

If you're alive and living life, you're probably experiencing some symptoms like anxiety, stress, frustration, and confusion.

All of these symptoms seem disconnected and unrelated from each other, but in fact, it's our experience that these all stem from a lack of alignment.

When our MIND, BODY & SPIRIT are ALIGNED we feel:







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When our MIND, BODY & SPIRIT are MISALIGNED we feel:







Creativity acts as a chiropractor that aligns our Mind, Body & Spirit.

This happens naturally and without effort when you are creating because you are bringing your MIND, BODY & SPIRIT together simultaneously.

When we create, we open up our right hemisphere, which corrects the imbalance of being in our left hemisphere the majority of the time. Now you're using your full potential simultaneously.

The goal then IS NOT to treat each symptom separately, much like I realized from my experience with the Chiropractor. If I had focused only on my nerve pain, I would have never seen there was a root cause creating these symptoms. By focusing on the root cause and addressing it head-on (ALIGNMENT of my spine) I was able to see these symptoms that I felt would never go away, slowly go away.

So if you are tired of having all of these separate symptoms (Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm, Exhaustion) that seem unrelated and disconnected, consider it as a sign that you are simply OUT of ALIGNMENT.

Consider that as you start to practice creating each and every, you are getting these micro-adjustments to your Mind, Body & Spirit. Alignment IS taking place, and it's a compounding effect. One adjustment here, one adjustment there, and before you know it, you're feeling ALIGNED and your symptoms that you never thought you could be free from, went away naturally.

That's the gift of creativity. You don't even have to believe in its power, you only have to be willing to show up and try.

If you need help, that's why we exist. One simple, free easy way to get started is learning how to create Mandalas and taking our 30 day Mandala challenge.

It's free, fun, and a GREAT way to get into Alignment. You can start HERE. You'll be asked to create an account and then you'll have access to them for as long as you like.

Peace & Love

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