Are you busy filling potholes or paving new roads?

There is a lot of talk about unlimited power, unlimited income potential, all things unlimited.

I love this kind of stuff and I do believe that we are extremely capable of accomplishing a lot in our lifetimes.

One thing that IS limited and that we know from personal experience is time.

We wake up each day. We woke up today.

Then we decide what to do with our hours for that day.

We often forget this, because we get into habits and routines and forget we have a choice of how we invest that time.

There’s a lot of self-help talk on habits and I think they are good too, but habits can in our way.

Habits are like a to-do list. They are nice to have and nice to build and do help in the short term but

what’s more important than habits is making sure they fit you, you don't fit them.

Take for instance the way you go about your inner work. Whether you know it or not, you are investing your time into specific habits in your inner work.

If you don’t ever step back and look to make sure your habits fit you and you're not fitting them, the work won't be as effective.

For me, it showed up by spending an inordinate amount of time trying to fix myself.

And the way to fix me was to COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND myself.

I was bound and determined to get in my inner world and find out all that I could find out. I was going to realize and understand who I was by analyzing my past, my behaviors, and my beliefs. The answer lied in going back into my past and finding out what went wrong.

Sound familiar?

Of course, it does, because this is the way most personal development people talk.

This is what I call filling potholes. If you look back on the road that is your life, you see all of these potholes.

And you can get really focused on each and every pothole. Why is that one here? Wow, that ones deep.

Wow, that seems like it's connected to this one.

All of this is time spent looking backward. I am a big fan of healing, but I am also a bigger fan of paving new roads.

There’s a balance of looking at the potholes in your past and paving a new road.

Potholes are wonderful teachers of quick wisdom.

You know how to better pave your new road better, based off your potholes.

But what many people do, that they don’t know they are doing, is that they focus ENTIRELY on filling the potholes. 

They spent all of their time in their past, blaming parents, authority figures, and past relationships.  

Trying to figure out why he did that, or why she acted that way, or why you never got the break you wanted and what that says about you.

The entire goal of this perspective is to fill the hole that they left in your life. 

The problem with this is that even if you fill each and every one of them, you haven’t really GONE anywhere. 

You’re still focused on the past and have been in the past this whole time. 

See you have to pave a new road.  You have to get your new work hat, and you have to turn away from the potholes and build your road. 

This is where life starts taking shape, starts showing up, and starts working in your favor. 

Things like synchronicities, random occasions, etc, these happen on paving new roads.  

I didn’t see any signs, or synchronicities when I was filling my potholes.  I’d see all the shit that was in there and then I’d fill it and feel a little better but not satisfied. 

You have to shift your energy and effort from understanding to now moving and going somewhere.  

It’s time to move.  

You’ll never really understand everything about yourself and the most successful way is to move forward and create new things so you can see how they feel in your new life. 

You will struggle with inner work if you focus only on filling potholes.  Make sure you’re spending time paving new roads. 

Use the 80/20 rule on the potholes.  

Let 20% of them show you the 80% lesson you need in order to build a better road, then go and leave them behind. 

No use sitting around the graveyard of your past if you’re the only one living in it by being there. 

You’re alone when you’re in the graveyard of your past, but you are not alone when you are paving roads in the here and now, where there are real people and real movement happening. 

Move more and more into life.  More and more into paving new roads, you’ve healed enough, the potholes will always be there and they’ll be fine because you aren’t driving on that road anymore, and you have a new road your paving. 

Enjoy this new adventure and feel the wind at your back for your new life. 

Because as you are creating this life, it also creating you. 

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