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Our vision is to share the power creativity has in advancing human development for everyone. 


For centuries creativity has been associated only with artists and those we deem “creative”. Yet science and research, and even the World Health Organization are starting to see the power creativity has in helping human development.


It’s our goal to remove this separation between those that are “creative”, and those that are not.This is a lie that must be mitigated and reshaped to a new truth.


Creativity is our birthright, and it’s such a valuable tool for everyone who wants to learn to express & learn about themselves.  


Our goal is to remove the stigma and associations around what creativity may have meant to you in the past, and show you that no matter who you are, what background, or wherever you find yourself at this moment, creativity is yours, and can help you right now. 


We love our work, we love giving it, and we love the support that comes from the Patrons of our mission. And one way you can share your love to us is by considering becoming a Patron.


With this love, it covers our time, our resources, and the dedication of our lives to this single mission.  


Love = giving and we are grateful for your support of our mission.  

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