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In the honor of Mental Health Month, we are giving away our Creative Unblock Family Mandala Kit. Sign up here. 

The Creative Unblock Family Kit Includes

How To Create Mandalas At Home 


  • History of Mandalas & Why we chose them

  • Restore Calm and Peace of Mind 

  • Breakdown of the steps to create several mandalas

  • Variety of images

  • Videos explaining in detail the process and materials for each process

  • 30-day mandala challenge with prompts for all age levels 

  • Instructions on how to reflect and journal on drawings 

  • Steps for all ages including preschool to adults 

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Did You Know...


There are two distinct hemispheres in our brain. The Left (analytical) and The Right (creative). Both with completely different features and benefits of our cognitive ability.  88% of the people of our society are left brain dominant.

40 M

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S. affecting 40 million adults age 18 & older per year.


Cases of depression have increased by almost 20% in a decade. 

Depression is now the number 1 cause of Global Disability.  Per the World Health Organization

“ We live in a society born of the left hemisphere — This results in acute attention leading to stress, limited reasoning, separateness from one another and constant state of survival. ” Dr Les Fehmi, Author & Creator of Open Focus Technique 

Why We Created

The Creative Unblock... 

Did you know that roughly 88% of the population is left brain dominant? (our analytical mind). This imbalance has contributed to an epidemic of stress and anxiety creating long term effects such as depression and other physical and mental diseases.


This imbalance also limits our own potential, by being blocked and unable to solve problems, create breakthrough ideas and keeps us from living with an overall calm and sense of wellbeing.  

We founded The Creative Unblock to correct this imbalance by providing education, inspiration, and real tools and techniques to help you integrate the right brain in a new and exciting way. This method benefits in all areas of your life, for the rest of your life. 

Now is the time to unblock, realize, and empower you to your full potential.  





The Unblock Blog

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 5.32.23 PM.png

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going" is a phrase we're all familiar with and it's imbedded deep into our culture. It's something we all have found strength in from time to time. This country has been through a lot, and yet again we are in the midst of more than just a National crisis, we are experiencing a global crisis.


It is a weird world to live in right now, and one that continues to unfold each new day with a new oddity. The creature comforts of our lifestyles are slowly being stripped away. It is not unlike wild animals being taken out of their natural habitat and placed in cages. The popular Netflix show, Tiger King displays the innate oddity of having large wild animals placed in small cages. I have wondered lately if we aren't all in some subconscious way relating more to the Tigers in captivity than we are the fanatical characters on the tv show. We are all indeed living in tight, unnatural quarters and there is no one who is free of this experience.


These are TOUGH times, and as I strike out the words on this blog post, we don't know when they won't be tough. Which makes it even tougher.


As uplifting as being tough can be at times, I have found that it has a shelf life. I think most of us can keep going for a lot longer than we'd ever imagined. I think most of us are all being tough right now and doing our best. But my concern is the shelf life nature of this approach to tough times. What can hide in the recesses of this mindset is deep fear and contraction. What can hide in the shadows of this tall "tough" giant is our connection to ourselves.


The real question I've been asking myself lately is...

Is there another way through tough times? Is there another option besides being tough and pushing through? It turns out there is, and it's found in one of history's greatest and strongest figures, Sir Winston Churchill.


We offer custom programs designed for individuals and groups in a workshop setting online or in person.

These programs and workshops will always include a safe and judgment-free space for you, so you can relax and enjoy the process. 

The Creative Unblock Family Kits - now free if you sign up for our email this month only.

We also offer creative video tutorials, instructions, and images that will restore calm and peace of mind for all age levels including preschool to adults.

Details Coming Soon.... Creative Unblock Kit subscriptions.



"We had an incredible experience working with Margaret Brown on a special pilot small group we were doing. Our goal was to integrate the non verbal communications of the right brain through art therapy with our group process. Margaret led us through this process of non verbal communication by using creativity as the resource to tap into our right brain to expand upon our life stories. Her guidance and teaching was a phenomenal support to our healing process. 

Scott Reall - Founder of Journey to Freedom